Style tips: mid-century modern

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Share velvet mid century inspired sofa

We are bringing retro back in the very best way with this Mid-Century Modern trend influenced by the iconic design decades of the 20th Century. The result is chic, comfortable and vibrant furniture with distinctive exposed oak feet giving it a nostalgic nod to the past.

Encompassing interiors, textiles and architectural design from the mid-1940s through to 1970, the ‘Mid-Century Modern’ trend is rooted firmly in the post-war optimistic years following WWII. Free from the constraints of wartime living and bolstered by booming economies, the designers and artists of mid-century America and Europe began to explore different materials, textures and colours. Homes became lighter and more vibrant places to relax and enjoy life, celebrating the new found sense of freedom and optimism.

Mid-Century modern styling takes cues from the classic designs of the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s and blends them seamlessly into a style that’s clean and crisp, with plenty of form and function. Think simplistic lines blended with bold colours and prints. Add plenty of exposed wood into the mix with a healthy dose of Scandi influence and you’re on to a winner. 

wooden texture floor bookcase with complementary plant decorations on top
mid century modern living room with white sofa and accent picture frames

Mid-Century Living Room

In modern, millennial life we need our furniture to not only look great but also to work for us practically too. For an injection of stylish storage look no further than Swoon Editions. With a whole heap of exquisitely designed items, a mid-century inspired sideboard or cupboard is an excellent way to bring a subtle retro vibe into your living room. Team this with a retro sofa and some plush soft cushions from Andrew Martin and you’re well on your way to a mid-century interior dream. Here are a few of our favourite Prezola picks for the living room... Heal's sofa.

yellow and purple decorative throw pillows
black vinyl case on wooden cabinet

Bold wall art

To balance out the clean, open lines of the furniture, another hallmark of the trend is bold colour blocking or patterning on the walls. If loud wallpaper isn’t your thing, then why not add colour by hanging a bright piece of art? Don’t be afraid to add a few patterns to your soft furnishings too!

green arm chair in showroom with orange accent painting
modern orange wall art in white frame placed on the wooden floor

Wooden accents

Balance out all that colour by using furniture with natural exposed wood. Experiment with wood tones, from light Scandinavian oak to a deep, classic 70s orangey teak. Ornaments and objets d’art don't feature hugely in mid-century modern decor, so focus on statement pieces with just a hint of metallics for the ideal finishing touch.

grey sofa showroom accompanied by modern grey wall art and wooden coffee table

The statement chair

The main thing that every mid-century modern home needs is some statement seating - more specifically, an armchair. This is a mid-century classic, with modern designs taking their cues from the legendary designers of the 20c. Wooden arms, tapered legs, bold and square seating are the order of the day, alongside vivid colour and a variety of textured upholstery. Don’t be afraid to splash out - the quirkier the better. Use your statement chair to dominate your lounge and be the focal point of your mid-century interior home.

brown cushioned arm chair in showroom with potted plant and mirror
statement wicker chair placed against grey brick wall