6 wedding gift ideas for couples already living together

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Looking for wedding gift ideas for couples already living together? You’ve come to the right place! Traditionally, wedding gift ideas for couples were all about helping the happy newlyweds set up their first home together. Think: pots and pans, ironing boards, cutlery, and plates.

But, cut to 2023, and it’s way more common for couples to move in together BEFORE tying the knot. So, what do you get for the couple who already has their home set up? Or, if you are that happy couple, what do you put on your wedding gift list?

Here at Prezola, we’ve helped thousands of couples just like you pick out perfect wedding gifts to create their ultimate gift lists. We specialise in combining physical gifts with amazing experiences, honeymoon funds, cash funds and more, all on one list!

So, read on for our top tips to choose the best wedding gifts for couples who already live together.

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1. Use your wedding gift list to level up your home

We hear it all the time: “We’re already living together – we have everything we need!” But, like, do you? Really? If you think about it, we bet you can come up with plenty of things you’d like to replace.

For couples already living together, your wedding list is the perfect opportunity to level up your life! Be it a big or small gift idea, your wedding is the best time to do some ‘spring cleaning’.

Start by going through your home room by room - don’t forget the garden! - and think about what you’re missing. What are the things you don’t have but would like? What about things you do have but could use an upgrade?

There are plenty of useful wedding gifts couples need…and not really realise you do need them. Those grotty old pans you’ve had since uni? Replace them.

The bed linen that’s wearing thin and missing buttons? Time for a change. The odds and ends of cutlery you’ve scrounged together over the years? You deserve a matching set!

See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

2. Small wedding gift ideas: Little luxuries

We think some of the best wedding presents are those little added extras. Small wedding gifts but mighty in meaning, these are the gifts that make life that little bit nicer.

Sure, you may have everything you *NEED*… but what about things you never even knew you wanted? Lovely things. Things that make life that little bit more luxurious.

Think: luxury scented candles, a matching couple gift like a set of fluffy bath robes, a monthly gin subscription, a chess set for your garden, a gift voucher to spend on wine… the list goes on!

3. Big ticket items are great for group gifting

Don’t be shy – dream big! Add that gorgeous new sofa, the pizza oven of your dreams, the beautiful dining table you’ve always wanted… whatever it is that would make your home complete, group gifting has got you covered. Simply turn on the feature, then let your friends and family split the cost of pricier items.

Imagine how much more special that new sofa would be, knowing that your whole family clubbed together to buy it for you. Or that gorgeous Le Creuset casserole from your uni friends… you get the idea.

4. Memorable wedding presents for couples: Experiences

Collect memories, not things! I mean, don’t get us wrong – you can make memories with things too. But experiences make perfect - and sometimes the most romantic wedding gifts for couples – especially for those who already have it all. What makes Prezola unique, is that we are all about mixing traditional wedding presents with awesome experiences, travel opportunities and funds.

How about paddle boarding? Pasta making? Eco glamping? Glassmaking Smashing stuff in a rage room? Each to their own.

Add it all to your list and lock in some fun stuff to look forward to after your wedding!

5. Honeymoon gift ideas

This is an easy one – if your home is already set up, and you don’t need too many physical things, have your wedding guests help fund the honeymoon of your dreams!

Not to toot our own horn or anything… but Prezola is the best value honeymoon fund you’ll find ANYWHERE. (Ok… maybe just one quick toot) At just 2%, you won’t find a cheaper option. And the best part is, you can specify exactly what you’ll be spending your guests’ hard-earned cash on.

Planning a beach honeymoon in Bali? List surf lessons and a romantic dinner on the beach. Road-tripping down route 66? List your Mustang hire and motel stays.

Whatever it is, we’ve got a fund for it. And your guests will love knowing exactly where their money is going.

On a similar note, if you’re saving up for another big purchase, like a car or some home improvements, we have a great range of cash funds you can add into the mix!

6. Charity donations

And last, but certainly not least… Maybe you’d like to use your gift list as a chance to give back. If you have a cause or causes close to your heart, you have the option to add charity donations to your list. It’s a lovely way to make sure your wedding makes a positive impact!

So, there you have it! We hope you’ve found our list of wedding gift ideas for couples already living together useful. But honestly, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Head over to our homepage for even more perfect wedding gift inspiration and start setting up your marriage gift list today!