The essentials every baker needs in their life

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Whether you're a baking pro looking to upgrade your bakeware or you fancy starting a new hobby with the perfect tools for the job, we've rounded up the must-have items everyone should have in their kitchen.

Measuring tools

The secret to any great cake is the perfect balance of ingredients, so having the right tools to help you along the way is essential. A reliable set of scales is a great place to start. Whether you want stylish mechanical, sleek digital or retro balance, find a style of scales to fit your baking and your kitchen. Measuring cups will help you quickly add an accurate amount of any ingredient as well as easily converting recipes that use cup measurements.

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Mixing bowls

You've measured out your ingredients now you need the perfect bowl to mix it all together. One thing to consider before choosing your bowls is storage space. Bowls can take up a lot of cupboard space so if you don't have much room look at nesting bowl sets. Measures marked on the inside of your bowls can also be really handy, Fenella Smith does just that with their playful animal designs.

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Baking utensils

Starting at the basics with a sturdy rolling pin and whisk is a must, but there are also types of utensil that will make life a lot easier. A cake tester is the perfect tool to make sure your sponge is ready without causing it to sink in the middle and a cake lifter will help you manoeuvre larger bakes and measure out perfectly sized slices.

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Baking tins

Upgrade those battered sandwich tins and expand your baking tin selection so you have all recipes covered. Choose from square, loaf, heart, bundt, muffin and classic-sized round. It’s always a good idea to go for non-stick to make it easier to release your sponges and a loose base or springform style will ensure your cakes come out in one piece.

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Cooling rack

Cooling racks are essential for any baking collection. Not only will they help save you heaps of time in the kitchen by cooling your bakes quicker, but they will also prevent sponges from getting soggy with condensation. Cookies can also overcook if you leave them directly on a hot baking tray. By transferring them straight to a cooling rack you can guarantee the perfect finish.

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Presentation & storage

So you’ve nailed the cake making, now you need the perfect platform to showcase your masterpiece. Whether you’re having friends over for afternoon tea or a big family get together, impress guests by presenting your showstopper in all its glory. Tiered stands are ideal for smaller bakes and cupcakes, whereas single stands will make a centrepiece of larger sponges. Don't forget to keep any leftovers fresh by storing them in an airtight tin so you can go back for seconds.

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There you have it, all the essentials for the ultimate cakes. Let your wedding list upgrade your baking game!