10 impossibly romantic mini-moon destinations

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romantic mini moon in Florence with a view of the Duomo

If your diary looks anything like ours, it’s proof that modern life is hectic. Even after the big day, your calendar shows no sign of calming down.

You’re dreaming of that trip of a lifetime with bae, but your diary (and wallet) is looking less than healthy. Sounds like you need a mini-moon!

You may be asking yourself… What is a mini-moon?

Well, we are not talking about the small moons of Saturn. A mini-moon is as simple as it sounds – a honeymoon but a bit shorter.

Typically lasting anywhere from 2 to 5 days, this bite-sized vacay allows newlyweds to squeeze all the excitement of a two-week honeymoon into a weekend break.

Still bursting with glamour, luxury and plenty of passion. Wit woo!

And at Prezola, we just love a mini-moon. That’s why we talk about them all the time. For example, interested in finding out the absolute best? Our 10 best mini-moons destinations according to, well, us are just a click away.

But why do we love minimoon so much?

They are the best as they deliver all the luxury and romance of a traditional honeymoon, in fewer days.

the city venice during a sunset

So, where should you go on your mini-moon?

The world really is your oyster! However, if that looming work project means you can’t swing two weeks of annual leave for an African safari just yet, how about a lusty, long weekend in Barcelona? Or a sweet, steamy escape to Santorini?

For your romantic mini-moon, we recommend staying in Europe or the U.K. to avoid losing too much time travelling. That still leaves plenty of amazing destinations to choose from.

Need a hand? These top 10 swoon-worthy mini-moon ideas will have you speaking the language of love all weekend.

Oh so romantic mini-moon destinations

If you thought your wedding was going to be the most romantic day of your life, this list might make you think twice. Whether you’re wandering quaint, cobblestone streets in Florence or sipping sangria as the sun sets in Barcelona.

You might have trouble leaving once the holiday is over! Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

1. Barcelona, Spain

Travel time: 2h flight from London

There’s no doubt the Catalonian capital is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Discover the gothic architecture, Roman ruins and breathtaking views of La Sagrada Familia and fall in love all over again.

We recommend staying at the Yurbban Trafalgar Hotel for the perfect Barcelona crash pad. Minimalists will love the cool, industrial chic vibe. Not to mention uninterrupted views of the city from its stunning, terrace pool on the 8th floor.

Thanks to a Mr and Mrs Smith voucher, friends and family can gift an unforgettable escape when you add this Spanish getaway to your list. Tapas and rioja for dinner anyone? Si, Senor.

city of barcelona during a sunset

2. Santorini, Greece

Travel time: 3h 50m flight from London

In less time than it takes to go from London to Edinburgh by train, you’ll be relaxing in the Santorini sunshine. This short honeymoon destination is all about good times and tan lines. Unwind at the spa. Get a much-needed dose of vitamin C. And sip cocktails as the sun sets on your exotic escape.

The Chromata Hotel is the perfect choice for couples craving some post-wedding R&R. Enjoy unrivalled views of the island from the infinity pool or treat yourself to a couples’ massage at the world-class spa. Grecian bliss awaits on the blue-and-white island of dreams. You’ll struggle to find a more romantic spot.

a village facing the sea located in santorini

3. Cotswolds, U.K.

Travel time: 2h 30m drive from London

Oh, the Cotswolds. The setting of Cameron Diaz and Jude Law’s hot, steamy holiday romance. And a more than idyllic mini-moon destination.

Get ready for chocolate-box-style cottages. Loved-up walks through the rugged countryside. And cosy pub lunches.

For cool, country vibes, check out The Kings Head in Cirencester. The wooden beams and original Roman Mosaic offer 'history with a twist' while the hotel restaurant offers hearty British cuisine. Our first choice for a close-to-home, mini-moon in the UK.

a hotel suite in the costworlds

4. Florence, Italy

Travel time: 2h 10m from London

It’s not just Paris they call the ‘City of Love’.

Sip rich, Italian coffee as you stroll hand-in-hand along cute, cobblestone streets. Explore Florence by horse-drawn carriage. Take a boat tour along the famous River Arno and take in heart-melting views. Or enjoy the panoramic view from the Terrazza Piazzale Michelangelo.

If that wasn’t romantic enough, you'll fall in love with Hotel AdAstra – an 18th-century palazzo in Florence’s authentic Oltrarno district… the embodiment of romantic hotels.

Think grandiose chandeliers, glossy wooden floors and freestanding bathtubs in every bedroom. Your Insta feed will be the envy of all.

skyscraper of the old towers in florence

5. Cornwall, U.K.

Travel time: 4h drive from London

Oh, we do love to be beside the seaside! Crystal-clear waters, secluded coves and long walks along the coast. Cornwall makes an ideal short honeymoon destination.

We’d suggest 4 to 5 days down here for your coastal adventure.

Treat yourself to a stay at the award-winning Lugger Hotel. Located in the quirky town of Portloe, the Lugger is widely considered one of the best seaside hotels in Cornwall.

the river of cornwall

6. Lisbon, Portugal

Travel time: 2h 10m from London

It’s not just Paris they call the ‘City of Love’.

Sip rich, Italian coffee as you stroll hand-in-hand along cute, cobblestone streets. Explore Florence by horse-drawn carriage. Take a boat tour along the famous River Arno and take in heart-melting views. Or enjoy the panoramic view from the Terrazza Piazzale Michelangelo.

If that wasn’t romantic enough, you'll fall in love with The Lumiares– uber-stylish apartment-style hotel can be found heart of Lisbon’s old city.

Think epic restaurants (two!) a rooftop bar and luxury service surrounded by modern and traditional decor. Your Insta feed will be the envy of all.

a busy road in the city of lisbon

7. Istanbul, Turkey

Travel time: 4h flight from London

Istanbul might not seem like an obvious choice for your holibobs, but you’d be wrong to overlook this short honeymoon destination.

This exotic and handsome city is oozing with rich culture, fine cuisine and super-romantic spots.

An eye for design? Add a stay at the Witt Istanbul Suites to your list. A genuine design haven.

Super stylish, spacious and sexy rooms. Is it us or is it getting hot in here?

birds flying over city building in istanbul

8. Norfolk Broads, U.K.

Travel time: 2h drive from London

Nature lovers and adventure seekers – this one’s for you. Perfect for a digital detox, a romantic glamping trip could be the perfect antidote to post-wedding blues.

Cosy up around the campfire. Snuggle beneath the stars. And explore the beauty of the Norfolk Broads.

Ready to create more memories? Add this relaxing two-night break at Starry Meadows to your list. This fully heated accommodation includes a private ensuite, well-equipped kitchen and comfy double bed.

Oh, and did we mention you’ll meet some super cute donkeys during your stay too? We can’t cope!

Norfolk broads May honeymoon

9. Venice, Italy

Travel time: 2h 10m flight from London

We couldn’t create a mini-moon list without Venice, could we? And for good reason too.

This impossibly romantic city has a lot to offer newlyweds.

Steal a kiss under the Bridge of Sighs. Enjoy a moonlight ride on one of the city’s 400 gondolas. And indulge in fine Italian cuisine on a quaint terrace just off the beaten track.

For sultry, art deco-style glamour, we recommend staying at the Palazzo Barbarigo, a luxury hotel with all the feels.

Located on the Grand Canal, this converted 16th-Century Venetian Palazzo is just a short distance from the stunning Rialto Bridge.

For a seductive Martini, head to the hotel's 1920s-style bar. A steamy weekend is guaranteed.

the grand canal in venice during the day

10. Jersey, Channel Islands

Travel time: 1h 5m flight from London

Take a short trip across the Channel and enjoy a loved-up break in Jersey. Stroll hand in hand across stunning beaches and countryside. Take in the dramatic scenery and inspiring landscape. And recharge after all the wedding madness.

Feeling fancy? Live your best life at the Château La Chaire - a grade II listed country house hotel nestled in magical woodlands.

Refuel with a full English breakfast each morning before heading out to explore all Jersey has to offer.

a coral beach in jersey

Well, there you have it lovebirds. Our top picks for a truly heart-melting mini-moon with your number one person. Still can’t decide where to go?

Remember you can always add AirBnB or Mr & Mrs Smith vouchers of monetary value to your registry and figure it out at a later date!

Our motto? Work hard. Mini-moon harder.

A little bit of fun...

Feeling spontaneous? Why not let fate determine your next adventure?

Write down all the locations listed above on little bits of paper and pop them into a bag.

Next, draw one at random without looking. Et voila!

The first destination you pick is the one fate has chosen for you.

And here you go, 10 impossibly romantic mini-moon destination ideas to choose from and get inspired by.

Simply add a mini-moon voucher to your Prezola wedding registry from one of our incredible partners - Mr & Mrs Smith, AirBnB and Virgin Experiences.

Or even better, you can add multiple vouchers to your list and let your friends and family decide where to send you! Guests will love gifting you an extra special trip and you’ll secure some much-needed post-wedding TLC.

Want to know a bit more about minimoons? We’ve put together a few FAQs to help you out.

a village facing the sea in santorini

What is a mini-moon vs a honeymoon?

A normal honeymoon is a long holiday taken by newlyweds right after they’ve tied the knot. It provides time to chill out, reflect on the big day and start married life as you mean to go on.

Many couples choose to go somewhere further afield for a traditional honeymoon, whereas a mini-moon is typically a shorter, less expensive break somewhere closer to home. A micro honeymoon so to say.

Honeymoons tend to cost more and last at least a week.

Why are mini-moons so popular?

Increasingly, more and more couples are taking annual leave in the lead-up to the big day, rather than afterwards. So, many may not be able to afford the time for that traditional, trip-of-a-lifetime style honeymoon straight away.

Not to mention the combined cost of that epic road trip across America in the same month you’ve also bought dinner for 80 of your nearest and dearest!

And we can’t forget that many lovebirds simply want to prolong the wedding magic by spreading the excitement out across the year. Something we fully support by the way…