Wedding insurance: your questions answered

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You’re getting married. So, you’ll likely know (or soon know) that weddings aren’t cheap. With the average UK wedding costing upwards of £20k, it’s no surprise that more and more couples are opting to insure their weddings for added financial security.

But do you need wedding insurance? What does it cover? And where can you buy it? We answer all those essential questions to help make sense of it all.

What is wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance is an optional policy designed to offer security in the unlikely event that things were to go wrong in the lead up to, or on the special day itself. Imagine your venue tells you they can no longer host your wedding. Your band pulls out at the last minute. A supplier goes bust. The rings go missing. Or one of your bridesmaids falls ill. Wedding insurance can protect you in all of these scenarios.

Of course, it’s totally dependent on your individual insurance provider so always be sure to read your policy thoroughly to avoid any disappointments (and large bills) further down the line.

A word of warning though. Unfortunately, wedding insurance won’t cover you against embarrassing best man speeches or drunk family members. Shame.

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Do I need wedding insurance?

Wedding planning is a bit of a minefield at first. With so many things to sort, arrange and pay for, deciding whether to get wedding insurance can feel a tad overwhelming. Not to mention another added expense.

As we said, wedding insurance is optional. And hopefully you won’t have to use it. However, following two years of Covid lockdowns, wedding cancellations and suppliers being forced out of business, in today’s world we’d certainly recommend getting it to be safe, rather than sorry.

You’ll also likely be using many different suppliers to arrange your big day. More suppliers = a greater financial risk. Purchasing insurance gives you the financial security you need to properly enjoy the wedding planning process knowing you’re covered against things out of your control. It’s a yes from us!

When should I buy it?

The answer is as soon as possible. We don’t recommend last minute wedding insurance. It’s really important to put this near the top of your priority list, and if you can, sort it before you start a big spending spree.

Wedding insurance can be bought up to two years prior to your wedding date. As soon as you’re insured, those big deposits you’ll have to put down for your venue, catering or florist will be protected. Phew!

Already booked your venue, caterers or band? Don’t worry. You can still take out a policy after your purchases and they will still be covered.

Do be aware that some policies have delays written into them, so cover for some items may take up to 14 days from the policy start date to come into effect.

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What does wedding insurance cover?

Insurance can vary massively depending on the provider, so it’s always a good idea to carefully review the fine print, terms and conditions of your policy. And we mean really read it!

However, as a benchmark, the best wedding insurance providers should protect you against the following circumstances:

1. YOU need to cancel or reschedule - Your policy should cover you if your spouse-to-be, member of the wedding party or close family member can no longer make the wedding due to illness, death, jury service, overseas military posting or involvement in an accident.

2. The venue cancels - This is frequently called, ‘cancellation cover’. If your venue goes bust, or can no longer host your wedding due to flood, fire or financial issues, you will be protected.

3. A supplier lets you down - You should be able to recoup lost costs if your supplier can no longer provide the service they previously agreed to. Say items arrive damaged, don’t turn up or the supplier closes business due to financial reasons, you’ll be covered.

4. Items are lost, damaged or stolen - Think wedding rings, dress, flowers and even gifts (unless left unattended). Of course, policies can differ so always check timescales and value limits with your individual provider.

5. Extreme weather conditions - Over half of your wedding party buried under an epic snowfall? If 50% of your guests can’t make your big day, many providers will insure you for cancellations due to extreme weather.

6. Technical faults with photography - Your insurance can also cover you for reshoots in the unlikely event that your professional photographer or videographer doesn’t turn up, or cannot develop your photos due to technical errors. However, this won’t cover you if you just don’t like how you look! (We’re sure you’ll look gorgeous too).

Do you still need wedding insurance for covid in 2024?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it’s super important to check with your specific insurance provider. However, some policies will still protect you if someone important can’t attend the wedding due to contracting Covid-19.

Certain providers have introduced an optional coronavirus section of cover, which means you can add covid related protection to your policy for an additional premium.

It’s worth noting that whilst some companies are not issuing new wedding insurance policies as they deal with the fallout from covid-postponed weddings, there are still many options out there to get you covered.

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Do I need public liability insurance for my wedding?

By law, you do not need public liability insurance. But we think it’s a smart move. Why? If a guest or supplier attending the wedding gets injured, damages the venue or causes harm to a third party, your public liability insurance will cover this. Oh, and any hefty legal fees too.

How much does wedding insurance cost?

Policies can vary hugely on price and many insurers have a tiered system in place. If you’ve got a big budget wedding and a large guest list, definitely don’t skimp on insurance. If you’re planning a much more intimate event on a small budget, then this will be cheaper to insure.

Insurance is typically a single one-off payment. Of course, wedding budgets come in all shapes and sizes so you could be looking at as little as under £50 for a wedding costing £5k, to around £300 for a more comprehensive policy with a wedding budget of £100k.

Wondering how much to spend on your insurance? As a starting point, we’d recommend totting up what you think your total spend will be. The last thing you want is to be underinsured so we think it’s better to overestimate these numbers. With a solid idea of a realistic budget, you’ll be able to decide which level of cover is right for you.

Ultimately, the best wedding insurance is the provider that offers you that right amount of cover for the fairest price. Spotted a super cheap deal? Be sure to read the policy thoroughly to check it will cover you in all the circumstances we listed above.

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I’m having a wedding abroad - will my insurance cover this?

Jetting off for a rustic, Italian wedding reception in Lake Garda or opting for a picturesque, beachside ceremony in Bali? You’ll definitely need wedding insurance abroad. So, it’s super important to check if your insurer covers you overseas. More often than not UK insurance companies will not cover your wedding abroad, but there are some providers that offer destination wedding cover as an add-on. Always double check your wedding insurance abroad policy details to ensure your country is included.

Does wedding insurance cover our honeymoon?

Whether you’re planning an epic city break or a romantic, luxury minimoon, wedding insurance will not cover your honeymoon (sad times, we know). You’ll need separate travel insurance for your big trip to ensure you’re fully protected whilst away. We suggest getting honeymoon insurance as soon as your book flights, accommodation or anything else to protect you should anything go wrong. Hello, stress-free travel!

Where can I get a wedding insurance quote?

For any type of cover, including wedding insurance abroad, honeymoon insurance and standard wedding insurance, we recommend checking out a comparison website, like

To get a quote, you’ll need to enter some personal details, the cost of your wedding, and whether you want add-ons like overseas cover or public liability. You’ll then be shown a range of quotes to choose from so you can select the right provider for your wedding.

Always carefully check the policy to fully understand the level of cover being offered.

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