Becca & Josh

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Becca & Josh at Cotswold wedding venue

Perfectly organised down to the very last detail, Wedding Planner Becca created the wedding of dreams for her own big day at Babington House. The extra special personalised touches and a gorgeous palette of blues and greys made it the most beautiful setting for Becca and Josh to dance the night away.

How did you two meet?
I was the girl who lived upstairs! We both lived in a house in Chiswick that had been converted into flats. I lived on the top floor in a one bed, and Josh lived on the middle floor with two friends. I actually lived there for 6 months before I property met Josh. Our first encounter didn’t go particularly well. I smiled and waved at him and said hello as I was walking back from Sainsbury’s. He put his head down, looked the other way and completely ignored me. A couple of days later, I was leaving to go out for drinks and taking my bin out at the same time. I heard the below door go, so decided to wait at the top of the stairs for a little while, as I didn’t really want anyone to see me with my bin. After 5 minutes, I went downstairs, and there was Josh outside stretching before going on a run. He said hello that time, made me miss two trains, and we went on our first date the next day.

What’s your favourite thing to do together?
Jumping in the car and driving out to a country pub in the Surrey Hills. Or walking to one of our many locals so that we can enjoy a bottle of wine together.

Bride's wedding dress being fitted
Bride looking in mirror getting ready

What was the best thing about the wedding?
We both completely underestimated the power of the actual ceremony. There is nothing that can prepare you for how you feel whilst saying your vows, and legally becoming husband and wife. Although we had all of our closest family and friends watching us, we felt like the only people in the church.

What tip would you give to other couples planning their wedding?
Being a wedding planner myself, it completely removed the stresses of planning for us. So I really would recommend speaking to a professional, even if it’s only for an initial consultation to get you started on your planning journey. I’d also really recommend talking about money with everyone that might be involved from the very beginning. Including how much and what it will be allocated towards. Without sounding awful, contributions are so welcomed, but you don’t want to be told what they have to be used for.

Tell us all about your honeymoon! Where did you go and what did you love about it?
After a couple of days spent relaxing at our wedding venue, we jetted off to Bali for a week. It was as magical as we imagined it would be and quite possibly the best hotel we’ve ever stayed in. But what made it so special was travelling out there and back in Business Class, which is what we asked our guests to contribute to using Prezola. Usually I hate the journey home from holidays and just want to be back already. But flying in such style, we enjoyed!

bride and groom taking vows in a church
Bride and groom leaving church with confetti

What has surprised you most about being married?
That everything is still exactly the same. Although I think we both love each other a little bit more every single day.

One thing we did before we got married and I’m glad we still do now is…
That we never stop talking. Ever. You do wonder after all of the busyness of all the planning if you will have anything left to talk about. But there isn’t ever silence, and we like it that way.

Bride and groom with bridesmaids outside Cotswolds wedding venue

Were you always planning to have a gift list?
Yes! I love how easy it makes gifting for guests. There is nothing worse than struggling to think of what a couple might actually like. And it eliminates your guests just wasting money on something you might already have.

What’s your favourite gift list feature on Prezola?
As we’ve lived together for 4 years, we already have everything for our home. So we loved that Prezola allowed us to ask for gifts for an experience instead. We had a variety of Honeymoon contributions at different prices, and we loved that we could customise them too. So we added actual experiences for our trip to Bali, which made it so much more personal.

What item were you most excited to get on your gift list?
Our hotel offered a 3 hour massage session, which to both of us, sounded like actual heaven. It was one of the most expensive gifts on our list, but my sister surprised us with it. Knowing that she had given it to us, made the whole experience even more lovely.

Wedding tablescape with candles
green and blue wedding tablescape

Tell us all about your Prezola delivery day!
We didn’t have a delivery day of items, but we did arrange for our funds and messages to be sent to us the day we flew. We spent that first plane journey sipping on Champagne and going through all of the comments from our guests. It was just lovely. We also made sure that we took a picture of every experience our guests bought for us, so we could send it with our thank you cards.

Is there a gift you wish you had added to your gift list but didn’t?
Yes. Our honeymoon contributions were absolutely amazing, and we really did have the experience of a lifetime. But I do wish that we had added something physical too, that we could keep as a memento of the day. We got married at Babington House, part of Soho House, so I wish that we’d added something from Soho Home to the list. Just so we could remember the day whenever we used the item.

First dance couple
Personalised neon sign
Personalised napkins wedding tablescape details
Wedding cake
Becca and Josh countryside wedding


Wedding Planner - House of Three
Venue - Babington House
Stationery - Paperknots
Photographer - Benjamin Wheeler
Videographer - Jay Films
Makeup Artist - Eleanor Nancy
Hair Stylist - Lousie Alway
Dress - Suzanne Neville
Shoes - Manolo Blahnik
Jewellery - Carat London
Florist - Flowers By Passion
Bridesmaid’s Dresses - Jenny Yoo, Wed2B and Oasis
Groom’s Suit - Suit Supply
Groomsmen's Suits - M&S
Ta ble Linen - Just4Linen
Table Runners - Kate Cullen
Crockery - Classic Crockery
Ribbons - CFleursDesign
Calligraphy Sign - White Olive Studio
Cake - Zaza Marcelle