Wedding gift experiences: make memories to last a lifetime

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Planning your big day and wondering how to spice up your wedding gift list? Say goodbye to boring toasters (no judgement from us if you need one… you can add that, too!) and hello to something truly extraordinary: wedding gift experiences!

At Prezola, the UK’s favourite wedding registry, we’re all about combining gifts with subscriptions, honeymoon funds and amazing gift experiences to create your dream registry.

Become the architects of unforgettable adventures, the creators of memories that will make you both go, "Remember when...?"

So, grab your partner's hand and get ready to dive into a world of exceptional wedding gift experiences that will make your gift list truly unforgettable.

“As we’ve lived together for 4 years, we already have everything for our home. So, we loved that Prezola allowed us to ask for wedding gift experiences instead.”

Becca & Josh, Prezola real couple

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What are wedding gift experiences?

Wedding gift experiences take you beyond traditional gifts and immerse you in unique adventures that will leave lasting memories. Picture indulging in a romantic dinner at a top-notch restaurant, embarking on an exhilarating getaway, or pampering your senses with a luxurious spa retreat.The possibilities are limitless! By choosing experiences over conventional gifts, you'll have the opportunity to create priceless memories together through shared adventures. It's a fun and exhilarating way to celebrate your love and ensure your wedding is truly unforgettable.

So, why choose wedding gift experiences?

Well, frankly, why would you not? There are plenty of great reasons to add wedding gift experiences in the form of vouchers to your Prezola list.

First, they’re really cool! Seriously – stand-up paddleboarding on Loch Lomond and glamping in the Yorkshire countryside where do we sign up???

Second, maybe you just don’t need that much new stuff for your house. Traditionally, wedding gifts were all about setting a newly married couple up for life in their new home. But these days, the majority of couples in the UK live together before tying the knot. And there are only so many toasters and ironing boards that one household needs. That’s where vouchers for wedding gifts come into play.

Third, (this one’s our favourite reason) adding wedding gift experiences to your list is the perfect way to fill your first year of marriage with awesome days out and crazy adventures! Because who says the fun has to stop after the wedding? Not us, that’s for sure.

Fourth, experiences are a fantastic choice for guests, too, because they offer a break from the typical registry items, allowing them to give something truly memorable, personal and exciting. Gift experiences provide a unique and personal touch to the gift-giving process.

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How to choose the perfect wedding gift experience?

The great thing about wedding gift experiences with Prezola, is that there really is something for every kind of couple.

For foodies, how about a Michelin-starred 7-course tasting menu for two? Or a cookery class at The Jamie Oliver Cookery School? Or how about a morning in nature, foraging for wild ingredients to make your own slap-up lunch in the forest? Sounds fun!

We’ve got vineyard tours and tastings for wine lovers, cocktail master classes for adventurous spirits and (plot twist) urban bee-keeping with honey craft beer tasting for beer lovers!

Action and adventure types will love scuba diving, or ziplining or how about a trip to the rage room to smash up some old stuff?

Don’t forget to plan some romantic post-wedding date nights with things like stargazing in Wales, afternoon tea at Kew Gardens or a luxury spa break for two.

You can find out more about all wedding voucher ideas and so many more here: 48 unforgettable experience days for couples.

“As we already owned our own house, we listed experiences rather than physical gifts on our gift list and we were super excited to have been gifted the scuba diving experience!”
Natasha & Tom, Prezola real couple

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How to add experiences to your Prezola gift list?

At Prezola, there are two main ways of adding wedding gift experiences to your gift list.

The first is to choose directly from our huge range of Virgin Experience Days – perfect for filling up your first year of marriage with exciting stuff to look forward to!

The second is to customise your honeymoon fund with amazing wedding gift experience ideas.

Let’s take a look at how both options work.

1. Virgin Experience Days

When it comes to wedding gift voucher ideas, Virgin Experience Days have got you covered. Whether you’re looking for the perfect spa day, an adrenaline-fuelled adventure (world’s fastest zip line, anyone?) or some seriously delicious food and drink experiences, you’re guaranteed to find something that tickles your fancy.

Adding these wedding gift experiences to your gift list couldn’t be easier – simply pick your fave, click ‘add to list’ and we’ll take it from there! Once one of your guests has picked your experience, you’ll receive an email from Virgin Experience with your wedding gift voucher code and instructions on how to redeem it. Then all you have to do is pick a date, book it in and get excited!

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“The reason we loved Prezola is the fact you can create a honeymoon fund gift list and add lots of activities like cocktails on the beach, bike rides, and dinner for two. It’s a lovely way for your friends and family to be able to contribute to your honeymoon without it feeling transactional.”

Francesca & Shaun, Prezola’s real couple

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2. Customise your honeymoon fund

The second way to add wedding experience gifts to your list is to set up a honeymoon fund and customise it. This means that rather than having your guests blindly contribute to an anonymous pot of money, you can split it up into bits and they can pick exactly what they’d like to treat you to.

And here’s where it gets really fun! You can list pretty much anything you like to create your dream honeymoon. From relaxing and romantic experiences like dinner on the beach and sunrise yoga to big adventure energy – how about skydiving? Scuba diving? Jet ski rental? Go for it guys – you only get to do this once!

On Prezola, you can find most types of wedding gift vouchers, from alternative to traditional:

  • Adventure and adrenaline-filled activities
  • Romantic getaways and weekend retreats
  • Cultural and culinary experiences
  • Wellness and spa packages
  • Unique and offbeat experiences

Honeymoon funds work differently from the Virgin Experience Days in that they are cash funds rather than wedding gift vouchers. So, once you’ve received your gift money, you sort out the experience for yourself. This gives you the ultimate flexibility to book exactly the experience you want for your honeymoon.

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Wedding gift experiences FAQs

Can I list wedding gift experiences on my Prezola gift list?

Yes, you can! We partner with Virgin Experiences to offer a fantastic range of wedding gift experiences. And the best thing about a Prezola gift list is that you can combine gifts with experiences, subscriptions, honeymoon funds and more, all on one list.

How do you book your Virgin Experience Day with Prezola?

Once your guests have bought you a Virgin Experience voucher and you have confirmed, you will receive an email from Virgin Experience within 10 working days. This will include your unique wedding gift voucher code along with instructions on how to redeem it.

What’s included with Virgin Experience wedding vouchers?

Every experience is different – to find out exactly what your chosen experience day includes, check out the ‘product details’ section under each of the experiences on If you have any further questions, our lovely customer care team should be able to help.

Can you exchange your Virgin Experience Day wedding gift vouchers?

If you change your mind about your Virgin Experience, reach out to our customer care team as soon as possible. They’ll do their best to find you something else from the Virgin Experience range.

Want more? Good! Check out our full range of Virgin Experience Days online now and get planning your next big adventure!