Best wedding present ideas for 2024: options for every kind of couple

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Your wedding is in 2024? Congratulations! If you’re looking for the best wedding present ideas to add to your wedding registry, you’ve come to the right place.

From old faithfuls like cutlery and crockery to quirky, out-of-the-box ideas - eco-glamping in the Lake District anyone? We’ve got it all!

As the UK’s favourite wedding gift list, when it comes to the best wedding gifts, we really know our stuff. So, read on to discover all the best wedding presents of 2024.

What are you supposed to give as a wedding gift?

First thing first - if you’ve already taken the time to set up a wedding gift list, you’re GOLDEN! Simply check you’ve added everything you need (or don’t know you need) to your list and let your guests know about it so they can choose what they want to gift you.

At that point, you can put your feet up and let the gift list Gods take care of the rest.

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A message for the guests

We know you may be tempted to go off-list to find unique wedding gifts for your best friend, niece or nephew, or colleague. However, couples put a lot of thought into crafting the perfect list, thinking about all the things they would love to have, to help kick off their married lives in style.

So, bear in mind that a couple’s list is a carefully chosen selection of products and experiences they really need and want. This makes a guest’s life easier, too, since it tells you exactly what the couple would like so as not to risk duplications.

By sticking to their list, you make life easier for yourself AND you are guaranteed to get them something they’ll love forever – it’s a win-win!

red tulip bouquet wrapped with brown paper
macaroon boxset next to white flower vines

That said, if you don’t have a gift list yet, we’ve got the perfect wedding gifts for every kind of bride and groom out there, come see what all the fuss is about! Read on for our best wedding present ideas for 2024!

Wedding present ideas for adventurous couples

red quadbikes in Kent countryside

1. Scuba diving lesson for two - £58

If your honeymoon plans involve finding Nemo on the Great Barrier Reef, get PADI Scuba certified before you go! These lessons can be used to get a qualification and will open up a whole new underwater world for you to explore.

2. Quad bike trek for two - £199

It’s not every day you get to crash through the Kent countryside on quad bikes. If you’re looking for unique gifts for your wedding, and you are a couple of adrenaline junkies, this is a great shout your friends and relatives will love to gift you.

3. Full kitchen base camp cook set - £160

For any keen campers, this is a handy little set to have. Including a pot, frying pan, spatula, chopping board, plates, bowls, sporks and even a drying rack; it’s a completely portable kitchen – perfect for outdoor adventures and eating under the stars.

4. Everdure charcoal portable barbeque - £199

Adventurers and explorers everywhere will love the Everdure portable barbecue. You can bring the party with you and fire up a real charcoal BBQ anytime, anywhere - on the beach, at the park, at your campsite - the options are endless.

5. Jo Malone wood sage and sea salt home candle - £55

Ok, so hear us out on this one. Even the most intrepid explorers have to come home at some point. And wouldn’t it be nice if home could smell like your latest adventures? This classic Jo Malone scent is sea spray and coastal cliffs in a candle!

jo malone gift box set
four jo malone candles in varied sizes

Wedding gift ideas for artsy couples

6. Wall art by East End Prints

Banish those blank walls with the perfect art prints! Are you a couple into bold graphics or classic landscapes? Bright colours or muted tones? Check out our selection and find the one that fits your vibe.

7. Amphora vase in lipstick red by Beau Living - £22

Creative couples tend to have more fun with their homeware choices. We absolutely LOVE this cheeky amphora vase in bold lipstick red. It makes a BIG style statement at a teeny-tiny price – what’s not to love?

monochromatic pink and red vase with leaf decorations

8. Obby vouchers for art classes

An introduction to glass-making is the perfect unique wedding gift idea for couples already living together, who have everything – especially if one (or both!) of you enjoy getting crafty!

9. Contemporary art work from Paper Collective

With a variety pieces ranging from fashion to architecture, Paper Collective combine contemporary and affordable art work together. Their iconic art prints are the perfect addition to anyone's home.

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set of 3 abstract wall paintings
blue abstract paintings leaning against an orange wall

Wedding present ideas for music lovers

10. Honeymoon hotel, rapper’s delight framed art print - £42

“I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hip-hop and don’t stop the rock it…”

Can we please take a moment for an old-school hip-hop classic - Rapper’s Delight is a work of pure genius and we will not be told otherwise. It deserves a spot on your wall.

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11. Turntable shelf system - £249.99

All true music lovers will tell you – it just sounds better on vinyl. Get the gift of great sound and get yourself started on your very own record collection.

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12. Sonos Roam SL bluetooth speaker - £159

With a Sonos bluetooth speaker, you can take your music with you wherever you go – in the garden, in the shower (they’re waterproof!), in honeymoon hotel rooms… the options are endless!

13. Music festival contribution - £75

When it comes to picking the ideal wedding gifts for a couple who loves music, you can’t beat a music festival. Give yourself something to look forward to post honeymoon!

colourful brick wall art of the Beatles band playing

Wedding gift ideas for couples who love to cook

14. Le Creuset cast iron 24cm round casserole - £285

A classic Le Creuset cast iron casserole is guaranteed to be a hit with foodie couples. There’s pretty much nothing it can’t do in the kitchen. AND you can choose from a whole rainbow of colours!

15. Barbary and Oak hoxton vintage 5 piece knife block set - £55

Ok, so kitchen knives may not be the most romantic wedding gifts for couples on their big day, but we guarantee they’ll be some of the most useful. And if you are keen cooks, this rustic matching set will be one you’ll appreciate for years to come.

knife on wooden table surrounded by vegtables
man taking knife out of a wooden knife block

16. Salter compact air fryer - £79.99

Are you an air fryer evangelist? Can’t stop raving about those golden, crispy fries in half the time, with half the oil… this is your chance to renew your love and upgrade to a better one!

Or if you’ve always wanted to try and see for yourself if all the hype is real, well, here’s your opportunity to do just that.

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17. World kitchen explorer 12 month subscription from The Spicery - £86

Subscriptions are some of the more unusual wedding gifts we see, and we think they’re SUCH a great idea. This one from The Spicery lets you eat your way around the world, all from the comfort of your own kitchen!

18. A taste of Japan class for two at Jamie Oliver’s cookery school - £118

As the old proverb goes: with a dinner night you’ll eat for a day (not that this wouldn’t be a great wedding gift!). Grab Japanese cooking lessons and you’ll have delicious ramen, gyoza and sushi for life – result!

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smoked salmon dish alongside a curry chicken ramen

Wedding present ideas for couples who love to entertain

19. Royal Doulton pacific mixed 16 piece dinner set - £255

When thinking of good wedding present ideas, nothing is more traditional than a full dinnerware set. But this one puts a fun modern twist on the classic wedding gift. We LOVE the blue splash design – perfect for relaxed summer dinner parties.

20. Columbia Collective set of 2 woven placemats - £55

And of course, no tablescape is complete without the perfect placemats to set off the scheme. These gorgeous ones from The Columbia Collective are fun, flirty and handwoven in rattan by traditional Usiacuri artisans.

lemon napkin holder on brown doily
oranges in green decorative wicket bowls

21. Artesa hand finished copper effect fondue set - £68

Why cook when you could FONDUE? A must-have for couples who love to host, but don’t necessarily want to spend hours slaving in the kitchen – fondue does all the hard work for you… and who doesn’t love a dinner designed around cheese!?!

22. Scattergories - £29.99

Ok, so this one’s a bit of a wild card… but what’s a dinner party without party games? Scattergories is quick, fun and super easy to get the hang of. Go on – do it. Get yourself a set, then get ready for your wedding guests to invite themselves over to play. You know they will!

23. Heal’s austen dining chair in plush velvet - £299

A dinner party’s not much fun if you’ve got nowhere to sit. This plush velvet dining chair by Heal’s is SO comfy, guests may never want to leave!

Wedding gift ideas for wine lovers

24. Soho Home white wine glasses - £80

If you love wine (who doesn’t?) and are looking to add some useful wedding gifts to your list, well, you can’t go wrong with wine glasses! These gorgeous, mouth-blown, scalloped beauties by Soho Home are sure to become your favourites.

25. Naked Wines gift card

But what will you put in your beautiful new wine glasses? We hear you cry… never fear – Naked Wines has got it covered! We don’t know about you, but a gift card for wine is our favourite kind of gift card.

wine being poured in glasses in front of a sunset
varied wine at vineyard next to cheese board

26. Nkuku 12 bottle wine rack - £210

And where will you keep all these lovely new bottles of wine? Don’t worry, we thought of that too! This beautiful mango wood and iron wine rack by Nkuku is that rarest of breeds: a storage solution with style – we love to see it.

27. Parrot sommelier corkscrew - £48

No screwtops for cultured connoisseurs! A good quality corkscrew makes a great wedding gift for couples who appreciate a nice bottle of wine. It’s something you’ll use often and keep for years to come. But why choose a boring corkscrew when you could choose a rainbow parrot corkscrew?

28. Vineyard tour, tasting for two - £35

Wedding gifts for couples who have everything are a bit of a challenge and that’s where experiences come into play. A fantastic present for the wine connoisseur couple, we love a vineyard tour and wine tasting.

grapes on a tree at a vineyard

Wedding present ideas for cocktail lovers

29. Seven piece cocktail set by bar craft - £38

Do you like piña coladas? And getting caught in the rain? Shake things up at home with your own cocktail set! It comes complete with a shaker, muddler and jigger (yes – those are all real things). Tiny cocktail umbrellas sold separately – soz.

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30. Cocktail hour set of 3 cocktail glasses - £30

Martini in a wine glass? Unacceptable. As cultured cocktail lovers, help yourself out with your own set of stunning mix-and-match cocktail glasses from Dartington Crystal. Better yet – treat yourself to TWO sets, so you can sip your matching martinis in style!

four orange and lime cocktails in varied glasses
strawberry daiquiri cocktail at a bar scene

31. Mad cocktail masterclass for two at the Mad Hatter Bar - £70

We love wedding gift ideas that give the couple something to look forward to after their big day. And a mixology masterclass at the Mad Hatter Bar in Oxford is guaranteed to be a date night to remember!

32. Mixed case of 12 handcrafted cocktails from Tapp’d - £39

For those days when mixing it yourself all seems a bit of a faff - thank the booze Gods for Tapp’d. Add a case of perfect, pre-mixed cocktails to your wedding list and get the gift of instant sex on the beach, straight from the fridge!

33. Negronis wall art print - £42

The final piece to complete your home bar set up? The perfect boozy wall art! Are you negroni ninjas? Pimms people? Margarita mavericks? Maybe all of the above? Whatever it is, pick your poison, then frame it!

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Wedding gifts for coffee lovers

cup of coffee on wooden table

34 & 35. Stoneware cafetiere and espresso mugs by Le Creuset - £65

Perk up your morning cup with this peppy French press by Le Creuset. That cheery splash of orange is guaranteed to add a touch of pizzaz to your morning routine. You could even get espresso mugs to match!

36. Pact Coffee gift voucher

But what will you put in your pretty, new French press? Allow us to introduce PACT Coffee. Ethically produced, speciality-grade, quality roasted coffee, delivered directly to your door. You’ll love it!

metal coffee machine with milk frother
grounded coffee beans and coffee beans in a espresso puller

37. Barista express coffee machine - £630

Of course, if you REALLY want to up your coffee game. A barista-style coffee machine is a truly perfect wedding gift for the coffee-loving couple.

It may be on the pricier end of the spectrum, but that’s no problem with Prezola! We give couples the option to turn on the ‘group gifting’ setting, which allows your lovely guests to split the cost of the more expensive items on your list. Nice, eh?

38. The World Atlas of Coffee - £25

Back in the more budget-friendly zone. How about a coffee table book all about, well… COFFEE! So meta. We love it.

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39. Espresso martini art print - £42

‘Espresso’ yourselves. Eh, see what we did there? With the perfect piece of wall art. Personally, we’ve never met an espresso martini we didn’t like.

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Wedding presents for tea drinkers

Broste tea cup and mug
Boste tea cup and mug

40. Afternoon tea delights hamper - £30

Afternoon tea is the best meal of the day. We simply will not hear otherwise. Have it delivered to your door so you can enjoy it in your pyjamas – what could be better?

41 & 42. Teapot and mugs by Keith Brymer Jones - £35

You may know Keith Brymer Jones as the Great Pottery Throwdown judge who weeps at the weight of pots. We know him as the guy who makes the cutest teapot on earth. And look! Matching “Mr & Mrs” mugs to go with it!

Blue tea cup
white tea with wooden handle next to a ceramic cup

43. T&G Woodware baroque tray - £52

What about a fancy wooden tray to transport said adorable teapot and matching mugs to where it can be best enjoyed… in bed. As far as wedding gift ideas go, this one’s pretty solid!

44. Fortnum & Mason champagne afternoon tea for two - £120

What could be more boujee than afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason? To top it off you get some bubbles, for the ultimate treat! This is the perfect memorable gift.

45. Afternoon tea for two at the Petersham - £110

No seriously though. We’re back on afternoon tea. Because it is, quite simply, the best. So, if you’re stuck on what wedding present to add to your wedding gift list, a fancy afternoon tea is always a great shout. We love this one at the Petersham in Covent Garden.

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Wedding gifts for couples who love to travel

aeroplane window at sunset over a city landscape

46. Tulum cushion by The Pillow Drop - £65

Inject a bit of sunny international style into your home décor with a destination cushion by The Pillow Drop. Not a Mexico person? (Weird, but ok) That’s fine – choose from Ibiza, Amalfi, St Tropez and more!

47. Moroccan pouffe cover by Graham and Green - £98

Handmade in Morocco, this gorgeous leather pouffe is the perfect piece to remind a globe-trotting couple of their travels.

48. Samsonite spinners suitcase - £195

If you are jetting off on the honeymoon of a lifetime, some high-quality luggage will always be a good shout. We LOVE the Samsonite spinner – so smooth. SO stylish.

49. Columbia Collective woven tote - £145

And once you’ve landed, you’ll surely be in need of a beautiful beach bag. This stunning striped tote has been handwoven by traditional artisans in the tiny town of Sandona in the south of Colombia.

50., Airbnb or Mr & Mrs Smith Vouchers

And finally, if you’re a jet-setting couple, travel vouchers are always great ideas for wedding presents. You could cash them in on a cute minimoon break, a 1st-anniversary getaway or even save them up and put them towards your dream honeymoon!

Bonus wedding gift idea: money towards their honeymoon fund

Ok, ok, you twisted our arm. One last idea for wedding gifts perfect for the road: HONEYMOON MONEY! This one’s a no-brainer really – especially if, as a couple, you have caught the travel bug. You’re dreaming of an exotic destination honeymoon but weddings, well, they eat savings for breakfast.

Why not put any wedding gift budget towards experiencing the honeymoon of your dreams? And since Prezola offers a safe, ring-fenced, online fund, there is no risk of losing your present on - or the day after - the wedding day.

Now we’re done. Promise.

So, how did you like our wedding present ideas for UK couples in 2023? Hopefully, you’re now armed with a few good wedding gift ideas to suit your style and guests’ budgets. And if you haven’t got a wedding list yet, don’t forget to register for a Prezola wedding gift list! You’ll save your guests lots of trouble trying to find you the perfect gift you want and need.

a hotel suit hut with a balcony facing the beach in the maldives
maldives hotel pool with grey deck