Create a cosy garden corner

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Create a cosy cottage garden corner bistro table and chairs set

We’ve all heard that you should make your garden an extension of your home, but what do you do with ‘that corner’? If you’ve got a garden then you’ve probably got one, often unloved and awkward to use, but fear not. We’re here to help with your corner garden ideas. Blend your snuggly indoor living with the great outdoors to create a whole new space perfect for lounging, and if you’re really clever it can be used all year round. 

It really doesn’t take much to transform even the smallest of garden corners into a cosy retreat. Whether you have a balcony, decking, a corner yard, terrace or patch of grass, follow our simple tips to create the perfect luxe chill-out space.

Pick the perfect spot

Start by finding the right spot for your outdoor lounge. The first thing to consider is what you’ll be using the space for. Do you need a relaxing chill-out spot or do you like to host garden gatherings? Whatever you're using it for, bear in mind the distance from the house to your space as you’ll likely need to transport food and drink.

It’s also important to consider where the light falls and whether you want to be directly in the sun. A parasol is a great addition to provide the option for both sun and shade. It’s also nice to have an area that’s slightly sheltered to create that cosy ambiance. We advise the end of the garden and focus on one corner. You’ll likely be sheltered by a fence or hedges giving you privacy and a lovely little sun trap.

outdoor dark brown wooden seating area with greenery
garden picnic with grey tent and charcutiere board

Lounge in style

Something comfy to sit back and relax into is the foundation of any living space so make sure you consider how many people you’ll need it for. 

are great for providing larger lounge areas, but if you’d still like to expand the capacity you can add in smaller pieces like. Top tip: soften your seating area with plants and flowers to create a really cosy outdoor set up. Sofas and benches, floor cushions, bistro chairs, deckchairs and hammocks.

Cosy up with home comforts

The key to making it feel like a living space are the soft accessories. Adding an outdoor rug will transform a cold patio into an inviting stylish space and bold cushions are a great way to play with colour. 

It’s always a good idea to have some cosy blankets handy for when the evenings have a slight chill. Style them out by draping them over the back of a chair. Just remember to pop them back inside at the end of the day to keep them at their best. 

Turn up the heat

No outdoor lounge would be complete without a roaring fire pit. Aside from the obvious practical benefits of keeping you lovely and warm when the sun goes down, fire pits also create a great focal point. It also means you can use your outdoor space throughout the year. Nothing says cosy like roasting marshmallows round the fire as autumn rolls in. 

Arrange your furniture so that the fire pit is at the centre and in the perfect position to toast those marshmallows. If you’re looking for something to put in a small corner of your garden, try a chiminea instead of a fire pit. It has a smaller footprint and will direct smoke straight up, saving you from a smokey house.  

cosy garden black fire pit
Chimnea outdoor fireplace by pool

Let there be light

Now to create the ambiance. Having a candle on the table is perfect for providing soft light as well as gorgeous scents. Alternatively you could dot a few lanterns around your set up to give it extra cosy living vibes and add visual interest. Not only does it add to the blurred spaces feel but it will reflect the light and give the illusion of a much bigger space.

Top tip: If you don’t have an outdoor electrical plug, invest in some solar lighting, easy to move around plus they’ll cost you nothing to run! We love festoon lighting strung around climbing plants. 

Create a focal point with potted plants

‘How do I create a garden in a corner?’ we hear you cry! Well, If you’re wanting to add some greenery to a patio or courtyard garden, adding pots and planters of different heights is the perfect solution when you don’t have garden beds. Stack the taller pots towards the back and the shorter at the front to create layers and height. 

Match your chosen pots to your interior decor, if your vibe is rustic and low key go for a terracotta or reactive glaze finish. If your home is more industrial chic, look for black pots with metallic accents. Don’t forget a watering can and some basic garden tools to keep your plants happy. 

Lavendar metal garden planter
two led garden pots

Now that we’ve given you all the inspo you need for your outdoor space, it’s time to turn the beautiful corner garden dream into a reality! What are you waiting for?