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The original gurgling jug

Gurgling water jugs were invented in the late 1870s by the British company Thomas Forester & Sons. However, most people associate these jugs with the British "Dartmouth Pottery", which first gave the jug its fish-shaped design. A special pair of water jugs was made for the English Queen and Prince Philip in 1958 and presented to them during their visit to Britannia Naval College. The then head of the college commissioned the making of the jugs and provided them with the royal seal and date. Through this gift, the water jug became popular and a collector's item. At the end of the 1980s, the famous WADE CERAMICS bought the reproduction rights and IP from Darmouth Potteries. In 2022, the GLUGGLE JUG FACTORY was born, producing only gluggle jugs day in day out and waters the world with it.